Ceilings in Uruguay

Company focused on general products for building barracks and hardware.

Barraca y Ferretería Casco

Company focused on general products for building barracks and hardware.
Grito de Asencio 1735 - Paysandú - Uruguay

Trabajos de Herreria

Elaboration of trusses, railings, doors, gates, stairs, ceilings, sheds, sheds
Simon del Pino y Gadea - Mercedes - Soriano - Uruguay

Metal structures in Uruguay
A company with over 10 years in the business of prefabricated metal sheds, with qualified personnel q give peace of mind when building suitable for...


Company dedicated to the application of polyurethane foam
libertad - Libertad - San José - Uruguay

Poliuretano de Punta

We are a service company. We put polyurethane in ceilings and walls. Insulates cold, heat and moisture.
Emilio Oribe y Zabala Muñiz brio. Biarritz - Maldonado - Uruguay

JP Toldos Carteles y Metalurgica

We work in safety and comfort, provided the best and most beautiful fixed, folding, desamables, etc awnings and likewise everything that's billboard and perimeter fences and security
Ruta 33 km 22 Carrasco del Sauce, Calle la Capilla casi Ruta 33 Toledo Canelones Uruguay - Canelones - Uruguay

Construction finishes in Uruguay
- Our areas of coverage: montevideo canlenes maldonado. - Partitions borders islands furniture coverings. - Work to home furnishings....


We are dedicated to the assembly of plaster with over 15 years experience in coating walls ceilings and friezes shelves imagine. also do woodworking as a deck, pergolas, floating floors and prefabricated cabins ready for turnkey living.
- Cerrito - Montevideo - Uruguay

Alvaro y Flia.

We are dedicated to the manufacture of trusses and metal structures also sheds are facilities throughout the country
- Sayago - Montevideo - Uruguay

Constructora Charrua

We are a company specializing in waterproofing and insulation of all types of buildings and various materials, membranes, cementitious, polyurethanes and also do new constructions, recycling, handling all related items.
- Maldonado - Uruguay

Techos acústicos en los Estados Unidos - AmarillasEstadosUnidos.com
Techos Termoacústicos de Nicaragua S.A. es una empresa que surgió para ofrecerle al mercado Nicaragüense, alternativas de cubiertas de techos termoacúticos. Cuenta con 10 años...

Construction companies in Uruguay
Comprehensive service in construction. ...

Techos de Isopanel

Isopanel assembly. Placing lightweight roofs in 24 hours. Consult without commitment.
We are dedicated to the assembly of lightweight roofs masonry structures in iron roofs of different thicknesses Isopanel ..
- Las Piedras - Canelones - Uruguay

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