Masonry in Uruguay

Everything in dry construction, steel frame homes, coatings plaster walls, plaster ceilings, pvc, removable. facade paints, interior, roof, varnishes, plasticized floors.

Estilo Áureo

Everything in dry construction, steel frame homes, coatings plaster walls, plaster ceilings, PVC, removable.
Facade paints, interior, roof, varnishes, plasticized
Homes bolseado brick and lightweight roof.
See, at your service!
Calle 16, entre av del parque y calle 8, Pinamar, Canelones. - Pinamar-Pinepark - Canelones - Uruguay

L y S.Pintores

Renovation of bathrooms and kitchens, hot melt, repair roofs and demembranas placement, paint gral. patinas, fillings, facerit, washers and luster of wood, placement of molding.
f. sainz rosas 4769 esq. c. nacionales y gronardo - Ituzaingó - Montevideo - Uruguay

Building contractors in Uruguay
We are 30 years old working in the headings of construction, medical facilities and instalacinones of gas. 10 years in Santa Lucia and 20 years...

Construction companies in Uruguay -
Hormnigon Manufactures precast culvert pipes , rings , columns , cameras, cubes etc. . ...

Markab Construcciones

Builder contractor and sub-contractor.

Projects, refurbishment, recycling, new construction, advise on its idea of reform, environmental construction projects.
Gaboto 1386 Ap. 303/guayabos y J. E. Rodó
Rpte: Mario Vidal

Claudio Benitez

One company, responsible, highly trained staff.
Vizconde de Maúa 1380 - Paysandú - Uruguay

Alonso Construcciones

Works with technical staff in masonry, health, electricity, occupational health, etc.
zorrilla 218. rocha - Rocha - Uruguay

Guía de trabajo y empleos en Uruguay -
Encuentra trabajo o personal en Uruguay. Anuncios gratuitos con curriculum.

Construction finishes in Uruguay -
- Our areas of coverage: montevideo canlenes maldonado. - Partitions borders islands furniture coverings. - Work to home furnishings....

Construcciones en Gral.

We generally masonry work, additions, alterations, new construction, at no cost budgets.
Ramon Alvarez 505 - La Paz - Canelones - Uruguay

HH Construcciones

- General construction, paint, plaster, coatings.

- Very Good construction of warehouses for logistics.
- Unión - Montevideo - Uruguay

Pintelec-Restauro-Pintura y Diseño

Pintelec-Restauro-Pintura y Diseño Pintelec, is a company dedicated to the restoration and rescues edilicio from the restoration point, handles three areas, restoration, commercial design and paintings of industrial origin of the home. It owns an equipment that gives advising without cost to orient to the client before pathologies of the construction
Simon del Pino 1005, Entre Trapani y manuel Freire, Bro Odizzio - Maldonado - Uruguay

Architects in Uruguay -
Diene , implementation , maintenance of green spaces. ...

Instalaciones Sanitarias

Comprehensive health maintenance, buildings and annexes. new works, refurbishment, recycling, blueprint reading, and so on.
jamaica 4412 - Ciudad del Plata - San José - Uruguay

Planos en Autocad- Bomberos- H. Higienica-construc

Planos en Autocad- Bomberos- H. Higienica-construc Plans for architects / individuals, enabling hygienic, enabling firefighters; procedures bps; imm formalities, technical firms .-
Construction .-
- Maldonado - Uruguay

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