Electricians in Montevideo, Uruguay

We are dedicated to electrical work in general. maintenance and repair of household, commercial and industrial. we signed.


We are dedicated to electrical work in general.

Maintenance and repair of household, commercial and industrial.

We signed ute authorized installer.


-Threading works entirely from scratch. including internal telephony and ADSL networks. packaging boards.

-Placement of lights.

-Threaded low-voltage lines, telephones and networks.

-Maintenance of buildings.

Telephone-threaded in buildings for new line of phones.

-Grounding facilities, installation of javelins, measurement of insulation and earth leakage detection, with more More...
Centro, cordon, punta carretas, pocitos, malvin, carrasco. - Cordón - Montevideo - Uruguay

Washington Freire Instalaciones Electricas

Signature installer authorized by UTE
Saldanha Da Gama 3932 ap. 2 - Buceo - Montevideo - Uruguay

Air conditioning in Montevideo
We specialize in the sale and repair of air conditioning, refrigeration and water pumps....


Asistec We perform full service repairs, installations and electrical services as porters, gate automation, intelligent lighting, emergency and industrial electrical installations and family.
Av. Italia 3337 - Parque Batlle Villa Dolores - Montevideo - Uruguay

Inelchi Montajes

Electric utility, electromechanical assembly, Plants for rush, installation of housing, industrial landfills, maintenance of electrical installations, 24 hours.
pacata alta, calle #8, nª 23 - Malvín - Montevideo - Uruguay

Raúl Martínez

We are in the square for 25 years.
We work with technicians graduated from UTU.
We carry lighting, installation of explosion, several automation.
We install and electrical maintenance home, commercial and industrial
We are authorized by UTE, with category C, before the body we paperwork, ratings, increases, reductions in power acesoramiento, electric memories for different organisms.
Cno. Repetto 3216 - Piedras Blancas - Montevideo - Uruguay

Industrial electricity in Montevideo - amarillasuruguay.net
Importers and drug dealers of marks like Band-It, Elesa, Ybico, Transpack, Dewallt, Snapon, Ridgid, Black & Decker, Makita, Bahco, Osram, Mitutoyo, etc. We provide miners,...

Iluminación en los Estados Unidos - AmarillasEstadosUnidos.com
Empresa de servicios electricos, montaje electromecanico, instalacines de acometidas, instalacion de viviendas, industriales, aterramientos, mantenimiento de instalaciones electricas, las 24 horas....

Ricardo Electricidad

Technical ute authorized electrician to carry out electrical installations throughout the country., Steps before ute, seriousness, responsibility, work guaranteed, free estimates.
cañas 280 - Belvedere - Montevideo - Uruguay

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