Pre-fabricated houses in Uruguay

Housing solutions for agriculture, the beach town. your home in 20 days is possible !!!! ite. Approved. dat. approved. non-traditional construction system. more than 120 homes sold since 2010. .

Hierroestudio Prefabricadas Sustentables

Hierroestudio Prefabricadas Sustentables Housing solutions for agriculture, the beach town.
Your home in 20 days is possible !!!!
ITE. Approved.
DAT. Approved.
Non-traditional construction system. More than 120 homes sold since 2010.
Avenida Sayago 908 - Montevideo - Uruguay

Estilo Áureo

Everything in dry construction, steel frame homes, coatings plaster walls, plaster ceilings, PVC, removable.
Facade paints, interior, roof, varnishes, plasticized
Homes bolseado brick and lightweight roof.
See, at your service!
Calle 16, entre av del parque y calle 8, Pinamar, Canelones. - Pinamar-Pinepark - Canelones - Uruguay

Construction companies in Uruguay -
Construction ...

Construction finishes in Uruguay
- Our areas of coverage: montevideo canlenes maldonado. - Partitions borders islands furniture coverings. - Work to home furnishings....

Proyectos y Desarrollos

Houses in traditional steel framing. Faster and better prices.
Curupay y Los Robles - Colonia - Uruguay

Vidrieria Bulevar

Dedicated to the planning and execution of works deks pools ect reforms we now have electric service health glassware and painting will contact us and well informed.
bulevar artigas y arturo santana - Maldonado - Uruguay


We are dedicated to the assembly of plaster with over 15 years experience in coating walls ceilings and friezes shelves imagine. also do woodworking as a deck, pergolas, floating floors and prefabricated cabins ready for turnkey living.
- Cerrito - Montevideo - Uruguay

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