Sinks and toilets in Uruguay

Hardware, bazaar, toilet. Electrical electricity, tools hand tools, paintings.


Hardware, bazaar, toilet. Electrical electricity, tools hand tools, paintings.
Luis Alverto Herrera 459 - San José - Uruguay

Easy Home

We are a young and family, dedicated to building and creating spaces.
Rivera 2555 - Pocitos - Montevideo - Uruguay

Fittings and taps in Uruguay -
Impermeabilizaciones ...

Construction companies in Uruguay -
We are professional manufacturer of construction machine in China. The products include tower crane, concrete pump, concerte placing boom, construciton hoist. We are looking for...


Facilities Services, alterations, repairs in the area (bathrooms, kitchens, tanks, pumping tests and hydraulic pressure gauges, diameters in inst.etc calculations.).
Chimborazo ch 25 senda 2 apto 2 - Cerrito - Montevideo - Uruguay

Claudio Benitez

One company, responsible, highly trained staff.
Vizconde de Maúa 1380 - Paysandú - Uruguay


Health jobs in gral.
- Paso de la Arena - Montevideo - Uruguay

Construction finishes in Uruguay -
Consulting and selling floating floors and installation . ...

HH Construcciones

- General construction, paint, plaster, coatings.

- Very Good construction of warehouses for logistics.
- Unión - Montevideo - Uruguay

Carmelo Mantenimientos

Carmelo Mantenimientos Toilets with over 20 years of full or partial reforms of bathrooms and full or partial water pipes and drains, drainage cocinas.instalaciones experience. Paints, waterproofing, repair Blinds and general maintenance for home cleanings fittings, cleaning of water tanks, etc.
We have financing workforce Oca Card
José Prat 5142 - Prado - Montevideo - Uruguay

Instalaciones Sanitarias

Comprehensive health maintenance, buildings and annexes. new works, refurbishment, recycling, blueprint reading, and so on.
jamaica 4412 - Ciudad del Plata - San José - Uruguay

Bathroom furniture in Uruguay -
A company of Canelones, with over 25 years experience in the manufacture of furniture for bathroom and kitchen. We design, manufacture and...


We are 30 years old working in the headings of construction, medical facilities and instalacinones of gas. 10 years in Santa Lucia and 20 years in Montevideo.Decenas of works for individuals and public companies guarantee our prestige. Budgets without position in all the pa?s.10 years of guarantee written in our works. Professional endorsement of Tec.Constructor and Tec. Inst. Withdrawn toilet More...
Irun 2418 - Malvín Norte - Montevideo - Uruguay

Plomeria, Electricidad, y Albañileria

Repair and installation of plumbing, water leak and low pressure sewer pipe destranque and degreaser, arrangement of bidet, sink, cistern, installing hot and cold water, sanitary installation, pool maintenance, termocalefones repair, electrical work in general.
- Ciudad Vieja - Montevideo - Uruguay

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