Tubes and pipes in Uruguay

Facilities services, alterations, repairs in the area (bathrooms, kitchens, tanks, equip. De pumping tests and hydraulic pressure gauges, diameters in inst.


Facilities Services, alterations, repairs in the area (bathrooms, kitchens, tanks, pumping tests and hydraulic pressure gauges, diameters in inst.etc calculations.).
Chimborazo ch 25 senda 2 apto 2 - Cerrito - Montevideo - Uruguay

Sanitaria Del Edén

Monthly payments, maintenance of buildings, industry and commerce, hydraulic tests and manometer hidrolavados plumbing, pipes shooting, repair of bathrooms and kitchens, damp solution.
Eduardo Acevedo 1607 - Centro - Montevideo - Uruguay

Hardware stores in Uruguay
Company focused on general products for building barracks and hardware. ...

Metallic constructions in Uruguay -
Blacksmithing, doors - windows - bars - swimming pools - trusses, assembly - and as special works - sheds. ...

Durbin S.A.

Vacation dozer bulldozer , backhoe, loader, air compressor c / jackhammers . Placement OSE water pipe and sanitation. Splits construction of streets. Earthworks, ponds , cleaning of premises. Start of trees.
Ruta 5 nueva km 30 Progreso - Canelones - Uruguay

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